In the beginner's mind, there are endless possibilities. -Zen


In the beginner’s mind, there are endless possibilities. 
– Zen

Design Thinking is about asking the right questions by exploring through various perspectives. And in order to journey through perspectives, I believe, that any research or design project should begin with the most simple and the weirdest questions.. 

Design is about deep listening, since there is not just an answer but answers. And having a passion to build empathy. As there are as many realities as there are humans, having empathy is forgetting everything before and starting from scratch with every project I start and every human I meet in life. 

I find my inspiration, my questions and also the answers to them by observing the nature from micro to macro, which I believe, opens my awareness to deeper listening and gives me clarities about the problems. 

I learn everyday.. but my design philosophy is to put the people I work together and the subject into the center of my awareness during my work process; up-cycle and improve as conscious and sustainable as I can. 

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