wanderer, wonderer, dream catcher

Photo by Melih Gördesli – Vienna 2017

Oh, what to write about myself..? Where to begin…? 

My name is Gevher, also known as Gigi, Su or Su Fee and since I can remember, I have always been seeking.. wandering, wondering, catching dreams and collecting stories on my own journey in life. 

I believe I came to observe, explore, experience and know what it means to be alive on this Earth. As this requires a holistic approach to life, my vision is to see the connections rather than what defines seperation, because I simply think and know that this leads to a richer creativity and a healthier life. Life wants to be lived; not judged and ignored. 

I was born in Anatolian lands, spent my childhood there, as well and moved to Germany, as I was a young lady. At a turning point of my life I moved to Vienna, where I went to do my master studies in Medical Informatics. Over the time, influenced by the city, as well; I felt myself more and more attracted to art and design. Driven and accompanied by Sufi culture, I aim to re-vive and integrate this rich and precious Sufi wisdom especially in my art and design work. As I began to respond to the call of my soul, these terms gained more and more meaning and value. In terms of design thinking, I experienced that art and design go hand in hand, yet one of them is focused on the problem, the other one on the solution. It is like the sun and the moon; the light and the darkness; women and men, death and birth.. I can observe and apply this pattern in many different fields of life. As you see in this personal portfolio of mine, I design beautiful things, I make digital arts, visuals and illustrations; and I learn to design user and life experiences, every day; beginning with my own life experience. All these works you see in my portfolio are just the beginning. I am sure, these topics will constantly change; expand, deepen, or even disappear over the time. Meanwhile, I am back to Germany and ready to start a new (career) chapter with some fresh and precious experiences. 

I feel blessed to be raised multi-culturally and with a big passion for wisdom. Yes.. if you ask what makes me special, it is, diversity and passion.. These qualities always made me grow out of any borders and come up with new ideas and solutions in any field of my life. I don’t know how to define (and to define is to limit in a way) myself with a word, rather I decide to tell you what I am passionate about..

I am passionate for everything which makes us feel what makes a human.
I am passionate for beauty and aesthetics.
I am passionate for the wisdom of the nature, 
I am passionate for motion,
and for moments,
nice conversations, 
deep hugs.

My aim is to build a bridge..
between differences,
between cultures,
between worlds, 
between body, mind and soul.

  • Design
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Nature
  • Body (Whirling Dance, Yoga)
  • Mind (Zen)
  • Soul (Sufism, Taoism, Shamanism)
  • Coffee
  • Love

Could I attract your interest?

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